Ankara Provincial Guidance Seminar and Information Meeting completed

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First round of Provincial Guidance Seminars and Information Meetings for tradesmen, craftsmen and project stakeholders started with Ankara on 21-22 July 2016 at Ankara TESK Hotel.

Information meeting held on 21st of July aimed at identifying needs and demands of tradesmen & craftsmen and raising awareness about the services offered by professional institutions and related stakeholders. During the meeting, issues about the sectoral problems of tradesmen & craftsmen and possible steps to overcome them during project implementation were addressed. In addition to that, Ankara Provincial Guidance Seminar was organized on 22nd of July.  The purpose of the seminar was to include related stakeholders and the Beneficiary institution into the project implementation process; to provide a constructive dialogue between stakeholders and the Beneficiary and to receive opinions of the related parties regarding the implementation of activities.

Throughout the seminars, assessments were made about project progress and participants contributed to more efficient implementation of project activities by sharing their opinions and experiences.