Great Interest for Managers Training in Bursa

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Within the context of ADAPTESK Project, ‘Training of Managers’ organized for tradesmen and craftsmen managers in the pilot provinces, was held in Bursa on 25-26 November 2016.

More than 100 managers from tradesmen and craftsmen chambers in Bursa and also from neighbouring provinces participated in the training that took place in the Training Centre of BESOB (Bursa Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chambers’ Union) located in Beşevler small industrial zone.

Trainings focusing on managerial, co-ordination, and administrative functions expected by tradesmen and craftsmen managers in the course of their day-to-day work, addressed important topics such as personal development, communication skills and problem solving. On the first day, Hacettepe University Vocational School Of Social Sciences Instructor Mr. Cem Küçüktepepınar delivered training on Basic Communication Skills, Presentation Techniques, Problem Solving and Leadership & Good Management Skills for tradesmen and craftsmen managers.

On the second day, ADAPTESK Project Consortium Partner EDUSER Consultancy’s Field Coordinator Mr. İzzet Çevik informed the participants about the place of tradesmen and craftsmen in economy, vocational training and relation between vocational training and employability. In the afternoon session, the participants exchanged views on the steps that will increase participation of tradesmen and craftsmen towards the Project aiming to train 23.250 tradesmen & craftsmen and managers throughout Turkey, and how to meet general and sectoral training needs of tradesmen and craftsmen in the most comprehensive way.

Manager Trainings will continue in Şanlıurfa and Erzurum on 10-11 December 2016. Within the scope of these trainings, it is planned to train approximately 1000 tradesmen and craftsmen managers in 8 pilot provinces.